Unschooling on ABC

Eine Unschooling Familie hat im amerikanischen Fernsehen für Furore gesorgt und unter dem Artikel stapeln sich mittlerweile über 250 Kommentare. Manche von diesen Kommentaren sind wirklich gut und einen von denen werde ich hier ungekürzt einstellen. Er zeigt, was Unschooling bedeutet: Schule vergessen! Leben statt Lernen! (Und ganz wichtig finde ich die Transition Public School -> Homeschooling -> Unschooling – ich kenne nur wenige, die sofort mit Unschooling angefangen haben und das ist auch wichtig, denn man soll das machen, was man dem Kind und sich zutraut, sonst spürt es irgendwann das Misstrauen.)

I began homeschooling my son this year, and it’s morphed into unschooling. And I must say, it’s a huge change. He went from hating school (while in public school) where he would run away on a regular basis, had depression (diagnosed as severe or major), and numerous suicide attempts. Pull him out to homeschool him, and my intent was to recreate the classroom without the peer pressure. He started enjoying it a little more, but still, not quite as much. Still a struggle to get him to do things. Eventually, I decided to try a different tactic, unschooling. He thought he was taking a break. It amazes me. One night, we were watching America’s Funniest Home Videos, and he corrected the host on the correct latin usage of a phrase. I told him he shouldn’t speak or correct about things he didn’t know, he told me to look it up. I did. I was wrong, son was right! He’s gone from hating to learn to loving to learn. He chooses a topic, and we, together, look stuff up on the internet, watch documentaries, etc. He’s become a little sponge. When he and a friend have a disagreement over something, he looks it up. And not just on wikipedia, but on several different websites, so he’s sure that the information is correct. I record a lot of documentaries on the DVR, and sometimes I’ll catch him watching them, pausing them to look something up, taking notes. Without any prompt from me. Just like homeschooling isn’t for everyone, neither is unschooling. I personally wouldn’t have done well in that, I enjoyed school too much (was a great escape from alcoholic parents). But, regardless of the fact that I enjoyed school, I hated, despised, sports. My son doesn’t have much interest in them, but that was true when he was in the public schools as well. Learning never stops in my house. My son thinks he’s lucked out, not having to do any school work, but he doesn’t realize that the chemistry we do, the science, the biology, the helping me cook, it’s all school 🙂


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